Welcome to Cottage in the Oaks!

That's me with Handsome--my most favorite partner!

After spending most of my life performing {professional ballet and musical theatre} I abandoned the spotlight to nest into cottage life in Eastern North Carolina – and I love every minute of it! {OK, well,most minutes!}

We saw it when Handsome {aka Keith} and I were first engaged—the cottage in the big oaks.  We fell for it.  And a couple of years later while awaiting the debut of our first bundle of joy – we bought it!  We named it Oak Cottage.  We have been transforming it into our own special nest ever since.

We now have 16 years of great memories, renovations, creative endeavors, re-dos, and fun in Oak Cottage – and making more each day. {As far as the re-dos/renovations, we cross one off the list and add five more! ha!}

No, we don’t usually hike in red & green–it was for Christmas!

As a family of artists we share a love of all things beautiful – and embrace the creative call passionately.  Under this cottage roof we have all kinds of artists:  writers, dancers, actors, filmmakers, sculptors, violinists, woodworkers……you get the picture.  It’s a lot of passion to contain under one, small cottage roof!  Whew! {Powerful daily multi-vitamins needed!}  We love being outdoors–enjoying the journey.

My favorite things to do are to write, garden, cook, create, travel, hospitality, be out in nature  – so I started this blog as a creative outlet and virtual scrapbook of musings, discoveries, creative adventures, and chronicle of what’s going on at the Cottage in the Oaks.  I cherish the authentic life – and to be, rather than to seem.  I hope Cottage in the Oaks will inspire, encourage, give you fun ideas, and lead you to your own creative call. {As well as give you lots of chuckles – authenticity always brings chuckles—quite often guffaws!}



15 thoughts on “Welcome to Cottage in the Oaks!

  1. love the country feel of the milk crate herb planter. If you visit my blog you learn quick I like old metal objects. All the texture works well together.

  2. Thank you for linking up!!! I love your blog and I loved reading more about your family. We have a house full of creative people too and sometimes that means a lot of mess and craziness. You have a BEAUTIFUL family 🙂

  3. You have a wonderful family story to be envied by many. Mary and I reside in Nashville (so we could be close to grand kids) and like your family, are woodworkers, quilters, crafts-makers, etc. We have a web site about front porches which we work on from our kitchen table. We are selecting a limited number of projects to be featured in our latest eBook and would like you to consider allowing us to feature your Autumn Door Decor project. Please let us know if you would be interested and we’ll send you additional information.
    P.S. If you know of towns in your area with wonderful porches let us know as we travel around the country chasing them down!

  4. Hi!

    Found your website from (I think) through Tasty Kitchen and love it. Orginally a NC girl, but now in SC. I just love the pic you have of the botttles with the sand or pebbles from your travels and can’t wait to show my 21 year old daughter. What a sweet way to show your memories of where you have been. Wish I had seen it many,many years ago so I could have done it. I know she will love seeing this idea and hope she will do it also. I can help her out by furnishing the empty bottles, ha,ha. Use to drink that all the time.

    Just thought I’d say hello.

  5. North Carolina is a pretty nice place to live. I am a transplant from south Georgia (thanks to USMC), came here 30 years ago with hubby, so this is my other home. Love country life, but my little spot in the country is building up and it is no longer quiet. I love getting away and just riding through the “real” country.
    Love your work.

      • What part of eastern North Carolina are you in? I am about 30 minutessw of Camp LeJeune.

      • Nice area, my BFF’s son goes to college there. I am in a small town (Richlands) that is growing fast in the rural areas. We have a lot of the military moving out here, there are new communities popping up all over. It is a shame the wooded country areas are being ripped apart. Enjoy your part of country life.

  6. Hello Daune,
    Your family is beautiful. I stopped by to thank you for the memo board I received in the mail today. I won it on Kristin’s blog MyUncommonSliceofSuburbia. Next week I am going to do a post on the goodies I have received the past few weeks.

    Thank you again for the Giveaway prize, I love it.


  7. just ran across you here, and loved your story, post of painting your formica countertops, I wish to do that this winter. we have two baths that need it! but I couldnt find here exactly how you painted the concrete look. can you send anything, how-to’s my way thru email perhaps?
    thank you soooo much! hope to hear from you!

    • Karen~

      I painted the counters a solid grey…two coats…and then ‘washed’ them in a lighter grey in the exact same family to create a cement/concrete look. Once I was happy with the finish I then covered it in 3 coats of polyurethane. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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