Even Nature Knows….Pine Tree Crosses

We have always enjoyed sharing with our children how even nature knows when it is Easter.  Even now that they are teenagers they start looking around mid-March for the Pine Tree Crosses!  No matter when Easter lands each year within the week or two surrounding Easter pine trees send up crosses on the ends of each branch/set of leaves.  All pine trees do this–no matter how large or small.  This week as we work our way toward Easter Sunday–start looking for Pine Tree Crosses.  I can’t wait to hear how many people find them!  {Warning: this can become an addictive hunt–use caution while driving! :)}

In our area right now all the trees have the vertical ‘beam’–and have started forming the side ‘crossbeams’.

We were in the western NC mountains this past weekend and several of the pines already had their crosses fully formed.

Enjoy the hunt!


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