Make A Passion Tree..

Old world ornaments from Holland--hand-carved

Each year our family has fun with many ‘getting ready for Easter’ traditions.

Our 2011 Easter Tree!

We have fun setting out all the decorations and putting up our Easter Tree and getting out all of the nests and eggs.  We have special books and devotions during this time — and usually special challenges.

How to make an Easter Egg Tree:

1)  Gather bunches of branhes

2)  Paint them white w/ white spray paint

3) In a pot of your choice — fill w/ cement and arrange branches in cement.  Allow to dry {usually about 24-36 hours}

First ornament collected--when I was 3!

4)  Hang fun ornaments!

We add at least one ornament per family member each year—our tree is getting loaded down!  {I should have added more branches in the beginning!}

This year we have added a new Easter tradition that we know is going to be enjoyed for many years to come.  We have made a Passion Tree—a wonderful idea from Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience.  She is also giving as a gift the devotional that she wrote to go with the Passion Tree.  Be sure to visit her site and take advantage of such a gracious gift!  Here’s the link:

Free Easter Devotional & Passion Tree Instructions

Here’s pictures of our Passion Tree this year…..

I’d love to hear how you celebrate Easter with your family!  And be sure to let me know if you decide to start a Passion Tree this year! {Even if you don’t—go ahead and get the info so you will be ready for next year!}

Enjoy your Holy Week~


One thought on “Make A Passion Tree..

  1. I think this is a fun idea. Thank you for sharing what your family is doing this Holy season. Thanks also for linking up at Women of Noble Character. Have a blessed weekend.

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