Repurposed Frappuccino Bottles….

Thought I’d pass along this idea to ya today……….

As I’ve cleaned up the yard this week I am very aware of all the leftover greenery from daffodils that were glorious just a couple of weeks ago! And as I clean out closets I am very aware that I have an excessive frappuccino drinking problem.

I have gotten into the habit of saving my frappuccino bottles —- the labels remove so very easily and they can be used in so many ways. We’ve used them from everything to making fun ‘note in a bottle’ beach birthday party invitations to spraying the lids and using them to showcase fun vacation memories.  {We collect sand from each beach that we visit–and display it in its own bottle labeled with the beach’s name.}


I was going to have lunch with a friend and wanted to take her a vase of flowers—-aha!  My trusty frappuccino bottle stash awaits!

I wanted to make it special so out I went to gather those millions of leftover daffodil greenery, {OK, not millions, maybe just 3 or 4} and tied it around the neck of the bottle.  Voila!  No longer did it look like a homely bottle, our cleared out some excessive greenery, and blessed a friend. 🙂

<OK, I have GOT to get a new camera.  I have worn this one out.  And it might just have possibly maybe been dropped one too many times?????..>


Each time our family visits a new beach we carry ziploc bags and fill them with sand.  Aha!  The handy frappuccino bottle once again is needed. {These practices make me feel better about my excessive frappuccino drinking.} I sometimes paint the lids silver—but any color that fits your style would look great.  Fill ’em up and put ’em out!  {I use nifty little tags from the office supply store and a labeler to make fun tags of what’s inside.}


When my son was 5 he wanted a beach birthday party.  Aha!  We need frappuccino bottles to make message in a bottle invites—they will be so fun!  {Everyone loved them!}  We filled the handy dandy frappuccino bottles  1/2 full of sand, printed a fun invite on parchment paper and then burned the edges, rolled the invite up and stuck it in the bottle.  We added some small shells, too.  We hand delivered the invites—and boy were they a hit!

This would also be fun for an adult/family/reunion, etc. party for the summer.  And, once again, you could be comforted to know that the small fortune you spend on this wonderful beverage would serve more than one purpose.

<i’ll have=”” to=”” get=”” this=”” picture=”” in=”” later–<span=”” class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>-gotta hunt for it!> 🙂

So, I hope these few ideas will help you, as well, feel better about your excessive frappuccino drinking.  {Or maybe give you an excuse to start drinking excessive frappuccinos.  After all, you would be using these nifty bottles to make your home a cozier nest and bless others!}  Wow!

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29 thoughts on “Repurposed Frappuccino Bottles….

  1. Wow! I am so glad to see that someone else shares my addiction! I also save them! I have used them many times to give gifts of homemade hot cocoa and cappuccino mix and to play guess how many m-n-m’s are in this jar!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that daffodils use the greenery from the previous year to grow flowers the next year, so you’re supposed to let the leaves die and turn brown before you cut them.

    I like the way you’ve used your bottles.

    • Marilyn~

      Thanks for your comment! Actually if you just take 1-2 leaves from them it doesn’t bother them a bit—they will still be able to get what they need to bloom beautifully the next year. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Darling ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I also enjoyed your writing with this blog post…very clever and entertaining.

  4. I love a frappe’ !! I used to tell myself that I could only have them on Sunday mornings in Sunday School. Very specific so I wouldn’t over-indulge. Lately, there have been some days and times that are NO WAY near Sunday or the hour of Sunday School. I decided yesterday to save my bottles to hold tea light candles in and then place along on our fence. I’ll see how it goes…hummmm….I could use a frappe’ right now! The perfect one is frozen so that it is slushy….just remembered that I put one in the freezer a little while ago….must have somehow sensed that I would be reading your post! 😉

    • Smart thinking and planning. You should always have a stash for emergencies–physical or creative–never know when they will strike! Depending on how long your fence is, you might need A LOT!

  5. Great idea. I always thought those would be great to do something with but I could not figure out how to use them.

  6. And I thought I was the only one who collected sand! I have samples from all over the world (gathered before the laws not to import soil), and I keep them in baby food jars. I am a missionary/teacher, so had missionary friends bring samples from their posts. I display them stacked at home, but sometimes take them to school for my students to use. They run strings from the jars to a large world map, marking location of origin.

    • Isabel~

      You can take the label that you removed and keep rubbing it over the sticky residue…and as crazy as it sounds, that usually removes the rest of it. If it remains stubborn…..use fingernail polish remover, that will definitely do the trick.

    • Rub peanut butter over the glue residue and leave it for about 15 minutes, then wipe it off. Repeat if any is still left. This gets it all!

      • Great idea….haven’t tried that one! Thanks for sharing. {Peanut butter also worked great getting gum out of my daughter’s hair! :)}

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