Wavering Arrows

Handsome is an archer–not a hunter, but an archer.  He loves to shoot his bow and arrow–and as I have followed him while doing this I have learned a lot.  One day he was showing me a video, he said, “Want to see what an arrow being shot in slow motion looks like?”  Sounded neat, so I went over to see the video.  At first I thought he was crazy—the arrow looked like a piece of rubber, wavering back and forth while spinning around.  What happened to the ‘straight as an arrow’ images I had in my mind?  {I had my vision and I was sticking with it!} When I asked him if the archer was drunk or something–what he said sent chills down my spine:

“If the arrow doesn’t waver, it won’t hit the mark.”

If an arrow didn’t waver, it would just hit the ground!

WOW!  So many things went through my mind–it was like a revelation!  I never knew that.  You know, all the references in scripture to filling our quiver–our children are arrows that we shoot.  We want to shoot straight arrows, right?  Well, a seasoned, professional archer knows that in order to hit the intended mark—the arrow needs to waver.  So, if our children waver here and there–that’s OK, they are headed for the mark. 🙂

I’ve watched Handsome be choosy about the kind of wood his arrows are made of, the types and shapes of feathers that are attached {these help with the correct ‘waver’}, the length, etc.  All this so his arrows will better follow his lead when aimed and hit the mark.

Isn’t that what we do for our arrows in our quiver?  We put them in good places, train them in our values, choose good mentors to expose them to, and through lots of daily practice aim them in the right direction.  It’s OK when they waver–they are headed in exactly the right direction:  the mark.  It will be good. 🙂

There are so many other parallels that have come to my mind with this new knowledge that arrows must waver in order to hit the mark—but I will let you come up with your own–the ones you need to be encouraged in for today. 🙂 {Life, decisions, etc…………}

Wavering along with those in my quiver~


3 thoughts on “Wavering Arrows

  1. Just found your blog, and I am really enjoying reading through your posts. This particular one just really speaks to me and I had to post a comment of thanks!

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