Family Camp

We love to have fun together as a family–and we have a spring family tradition that we’ve participated in for over 10 years—Family Camp!  If you have never done Family Camp—I can’t recommend it highly enough.  The family camps that we know of are hosted by the Young Life Organizations and take place all over the country.  {I’m sure there are several other organizations that host these camps, as well—Young Life is the one we are familiar with, though.} They are usually held in the spring for one weekend.  Check out the Young Life closest to your area and ask if they organize a family camp.  It’s a great deal money wise—but the investment in having fun with your family is priceless!

We attend the family Camp here in NC at Windy Gap—in the western NC mountains.  Our days are filled with fun activities like zip lines, huge lake slides, high ropes courses, horseback riding, mountain swings, frisbee golf………and so much more! {and rocking chairs on the porch!}

I’ve heard about all the other wonderful family camps around the US—if you have ever attended one-tell me about it!  I’m sure there are many others!

Go out and have fun with your family!

[PS  I love my new Wusthof knives—I have a whole new set!  They cut incredibly well—even through fingers! as I learned last night—so this post has taken me forever—that’s why it’s short and sweet.]


Love to hear from you guys.......

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