Real-Life Fairy Tales…..

Got up this morning at 3:45am to watch the Royal Wedding—how fun it was to watch so many people gathered in joy.  {Something you rarely see in the media!}  I think we are all drawn to fairy tales….they encourage us, give us hope, and a vision as to how things should be.  All of us are living a real-life fairy tale…….What is a Real-life Fairy Tale, you ask?  Here’s my take:

A Real-Life Fairy Tale…..

Life really is a fairy tale, Disney only gives us the overview and leaves out the important details.  For years as professional dancers Handsome  and I danced fairy tales onstage – and lived some offstage:  Romeo & JulietCinderellaSleeping BeautyNutcracker……..(quite powerful stories if you take the time to notice.)  Our tale started with Moonlight Waltz

and now our tale is more like a cross between Cirque de Soleil and Rodeo!  As we all know in fairy tales:  the boy always gets the girl, the prince always comes, the princess is always beautiful, ‘nick-of-time’ is always of the utmost importance, there’s always an evil one trying to spoil everything, and truth and good always win.  These are true in real-life fairy tales, as well—it just doesn’t happen in 90 minutes—more like 70-80 years!  About 15 years ago the lighting designer took away our spotlight and replaced it with a flood—adding three more characters to our tale.   After all, the spotlight gets lonely and when the stage is flooded with light you have many to back you up—and even more interestingly:  more than one story going on. You see, a real fairy tale always evolves and gets better along the way—even amidst the villainous attacks!

             We are all living a real-life fairy tale—Happily Ever After is a process–not an end unto itself.  The attacks of the villain last longer and at times cause more damage—and waiting for help takes more than a turn of a page.  We’ve fought the ‘evil ones’ and have the privilege of teaching a prince and two princesses to do the same as they move into their own tales—choosing their kingdoms in which to live and battles in which to fight.

We noticed something on a recent trip to the hospital—real-life fairy tales are not acted out on a stage.  As we walked down the long, broad hallway we saw many tales being lived out.  On this same hallway were parents headed to the door marked ‘Morgue’ to identify a son that had been in a car accident.  Their Happily Ever After was not what they planned and the villain seemed to be winning.  On this same hallway were grandparents headed to the door marked ‘Nursery’ to see their brand new granddaughter that had just been born.  Their Happily Ever After was more than expected and they were enjoying being at the castle.  There were those going through doors to have tests—hoping against all odds that they could keep their Happily Ever After on track with the original plan.  And there were those on the hallway there to encourage and back-up those fighting—and celebrate with those celebrating.  That grand hallway is the stage of real-life fairy tales.  We are all on it.  The doors in which we must go through create our own tale.  Sometimes it is more than we ever dreamed and sometimes worse than we ever imagined.  Your tale is unique, and will include many doors along the journey.

In a true life fairy tale the villain is relentless and in constant pursuit—but good always wins and triumphs in the end.  That is the true celebration of Easter.   And no matter how much your tale evolves—there’s always a bit of the ‘Once Upon A Time….’ that stays with you always—to help you through the journey and remind you why you keep going.  We have no idea what could be around the corner—in Act MMCLVVXXIII—SO, whether you are currently enjoying your castle or facing the Dark Knight, take a moment to remember a wondrous, true Once Upon A Time…….”.    Once Upon A Time a savior died for you……………..and wants to walk every step of the way with you in your very own true-life tale……one planned just for YOU!

On this Royal Day…..I wish you peace at your castle and strength for your journey~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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