Multitudes on Mondays #2

Joining in on the “Multitudes on Mondays” community—listing the many things that we are grateful for in life—join us!

After such a beautiful weekend—there are endless things to be thankful for; but here’s the next ones on my list:

16.  warm sunshine

17. daughter planning and saving

18. Ideas!  children full of them

19. chores to be done

20. coming into a warm house

21. time in the garden

22. a clean car

23. a body that works!

24. sounds of children outside

25. birds enjoying a fun orange surprise

26. squirrel being released

27. another squirrel caught!

28. birdsong

29. 70 degrees

30. Mrs. Bath’s house–full of encouragement and grace

31. warmth and affirmation

32. drone of 5:00 traffic in the distance

33. seeing

34. hearing

35. tasting

May you have a blessed week!


2 thoughts on “Multitudes on Mondays #2

  1. I’m here from Ann’s link today And you know what? I think the beginning is awesome – “endless things to be thankful for” – made me smile. Still smiling btw – my favorite from your list is – 26. squirrel being released and 27. another squirrel caught! – as a kid I never believed when someone said they “released” after catching – I like squirrels – this made me smile too. I hearted this – I really did. God bless and keep you and all of yours this day. God bless.

    • So glad you stopped by—squirrels are destroying our yard, so we catch them and then take them across the river and release them. While growing up I had lots of things that I said I would be–‘squirrel catcher’ was never one of them, though! ha!ha! Blessings!

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