Looking for the Information Desk?

Several people have sent me these pictures and links because they knew I would love this—so I wanted to share these great, creative, inventive desks and counters with you!  Students of the Netherland’s Delft University created an ‘Information Desk’ out of old books:

Definitely full of lots of information!  Ingenious! Awesome! Incredible!

And here is another one by designer Richard Hutton:

I love this idea!  Makes me want to run out today and buys tons of old books.  We have done a small version of this idea with just one stack of books and a small tabletop—-but now I want a big one!  We are all book lovers in this family, so I would have to make sure that we didn’t put any books in this project that one of us would want to check out {that would be hard}—we’d have a disaster.  Can’t you just see it now “Sorry I won’t be able to be there today–my son wanted to read a book and the whole wall fell down.”


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