I Collect P

I’m a P collector. I saw this great, vintage P in a store one day and exclaimed, ” Oh my gosh! I love it—I collect P!” My teenage son said, “Mom, please don’t ever say that out in public again.”

But, it’s true—I like to collect P. After all, our last name is Pitman! This is one of those collections that ends up spread out all over everywhere–not all in one place. {That would be too much P}

Here’s just a few of our P’s:

There’s chippy white paint ones……

And galvanized ones……{I love anything galvanized!  That word ‘galvanize’ always perks my ears….just like ‘burlap’……..’vintage’…….}

and even black leather ones……

super old silver-glittered ones……..{love!}

Beaded and pearled ones…..

great, big, giant, rusty metal ones for the back door……….

small ones, big ones, new ones, old ones—–they are everywhere all over our home.  Guess you could say our house is full of P!

But, I think my very favorite collection—-out of all the things we collect around here would be:

My hear-shaped rock collection…and it is all in one place.  Handsome started giving me heart-shaped rocks when we were dating.  They are not rocks that have been purposely shaped in a heart; but rocks that are found in a natural heart shape.  I love them.  On our travels we have collected rocks from all over.  They are in home, our garden—everywhere.  But, this is my very favorite.

What do you collect?

Have a super weekend~


3 thoughts on “I Collect P

  1. I have far too many collections. And am always open to starting new ones. The best collections are those that are displayed and enjoyed daily.

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