Bottle Garden Edging

It has been a crazy weekend here!  We’ve gone from severe thunderstorms to bright and sunny—hot and humid to breezy and chilly.  BUT, we did get to play in the garden a bit.  We wanted to edge a newer bed in something different and came up with this fun idea—-bottles!  You can use wine bottles, bottles purchased at stores {they are everywhere these days–all colors}, or any other long-neck colored glass bottles you would find fun and interesting.  We are actually having a few local restaurants save their wine bottles for us to use—our project will go really fast that way—-and it’s free! 🙂 {And super, super easy and quick!}

Here’s what you need:

Bottles, of course

Something to make a small hole in the ground –the size of the neck of the bottle.  I used my handy, dandy bulb planter:


Make a hole in the ground where you want your border

Insert a bottle in the hole

Repeat for each bottle until you have completed your border! {I know, strenuous, laborious, too hard to even think about considering….}

Another fun option is to insert rebar into a hole and let the bottle rest above ground —held up by the rebar.

We discovered a fun bonus of doing this border—-these bottle have small indentions on the bottom that collect water when it rains or we water the garden.  Butterflies will not go to a large birdbath or other large body of water–they like really small ones, just like the ones indentations on the bottom of these bottles that fill with water!  It’s fun to look out the window and see butterflies lined up on the bottle edging.  It’s also fun to see the sun shine through them at different angles throughout the day.

Have fun!

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21 thoughts on “Bottle Garden Edging

  1. I love this idea. It would be fun as a family to collect the bottles. You could also plant a bottle tree in the garden to tie into the theme. And I’ll do anything for the butterflies.

  2. I did this in my yard too! The bottles border a pathway. You can see a pic on my blog under the “Alfresco” post.
    I’m stopping in from Centsational Girl. I like your shutter fence too. The color is so fun!

  3. I love this idea. I work with an organization that recycles and repurposes bottles, this is yet another great idea to use them! Their blog is Please come visit me too!

    • We had several restaurants in town save their wine bottles for us. Then we washed them in the dishwasher {helped the labels to be easier to remove}, and our project was done in no time! 🙂

  4. Very charming idea! I love thinking about the side benefits you mentioned about the butterflys drinking along the borde and for the lovely colors the bottles cast.

  5. This is a really cute and fun idea! If you like wine, be sure to visit over at because I’m doing a giveaway from Willow House. A set of three really pretty wine stoppers! Would love for you to stop by 🙂

    • Traci….you won’t believe it; but all those bottles for our garden have either been donated by friends or local restaurants. Getting them from local restaurants is a quick way to have a WHOLE lot of bottles. 🙂

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