Multitudes on Mondays…..

Mondays…..a great day to list our gratitude.  My week has started in a crazy way—I put lipliner on my eyes {I looked like a deranged teenager, it was dark pink}, two individuals that were contracted for an important performance position-bailed, 1 child has to have major dental work, another one minor………that’s just been since I woke up 6 hours ago!  ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

I will intentionally focus on these instead—with much gratitude:

36. walking with my daugher

37. feeling

38. smelling

39. breathing

40.  piles to be put away

41. the color blue

42. warm, fuzzy, gray sweater

43. Danskos

44. the color gray

45. organized/cleaned out closet

46. living in a cottage

47. sturdy shelves in the office

48. linen

49. sound of the wind rutstling

50. God on the prowl

Monday Blessings to You~


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