My Gas Tank…..

I love my ride—-it’s an Excursion-you know….the largest vehicle a consumer can drive that isn’t considered ‘commercial’.  Our kids named it Aslan—after the lion in Narnia.  It hauls lots of kids, can bring home tons of plants, trees, and flowers, is great on road trips—everything fits and we all still have breathing room.

Last fall in Eastern NC there were terrible coastal floods and we happened to be at the beach where the worst of it occurred—we were able to save people!  We were almost amphibious! Everyone else was stalled—and Aslan just powered on through……..truly living up to its name.

We compost, recycle, upcycle, bicycle……and try to be good stewards of what we are given and the environment.  But, with the giant Aslan we have no guilt!  It causes us to be able to say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ to fun times, aiding others, and feathering out nest.

BUT, this is what my piggy bank looked like after I filled Aslan up yesterday:



3 thoughts on “My Gas Tank…..

  1. Oh what a sad little piggie. I had to give up my beloved SUV several years ago when gas first hit $4. I miss it terribly, but I commute too far and could not afford half a tank of gas for $45 with two refills a week. Yikes!

  2. I say never, ever feel guilty for driving a big vehicle. I love my ‘Ho (2001 Tahoe). It is not the most fuel efficient but feel a bunch safer then in a little car….

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