We love to travel…but sometimes you can just fit in a day trip.  One of our favorite day trips is Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC.  It is only 45 minutes from us–and always gives us great garden and soul inspiration.  Twice a year they have a Heritage Plant Sale—–LOVE THIS!  We are able to find plants that are unavailable in a regular nursery or catalog.

And the gardens are open for free on the sale days, as well as the first Sunday of each month.  So many garden rooms have been placed on these 13 acres!  Here are a few of our favorite spots in the spring:

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have this Kitchen Garden??????  *swoon*  It has just been planted—but in a few weeks will be lush and full of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

I want THIS Bay Tree!  We have two Bay Trees in our yard—-it’s great to be able to just step outside the kitchen and grab a fresh bay leaf instead of using dried ones.  {Wonder if we could trim our bay trees like this one??? I might have to try!}  We do dry bay leaves in the microwave and store them in pretty glass jars for presents—neighbor presents, teacher presents, hostess gifts, etc.  They are always welcomed gifts—bay is not very cheap if bought in the store, and doesn’t hold a candle to fresh bay!  Bay is very easy to grow—if you like to cook, I highly recommend planting it.

A few times a year Tryon Palace has free concerts on the South Lawn.  {Next week is the NC Symphony—-our favorite!} We pack a picnic dinner and some fun games—and head on over!  There’s always a great breeze; and we always meet new friends.  {We love our picnic table—we get lots of inquiries about it.  You can find it at Crate and Barrel here.}

{We met a cute, fun, new little friend! 🙂 }

After a great day of loading up on plants, inspiration, great music, and fun family time—the sun bids us good-bye until next time……….

It’s great to get away and be refreshed!  What fun have you had on your weekends lately?


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