Painted {Ikea} Furniture

I thought I would share this piece of furniture today—as we are working on re-doing our living room, so it will be gone soon.  I have spent many years painting anything that will be still long enough–nothing escapes the paintbrush!  This particular piece of furniture was a solid red, very inexpensive chest and hutch from Ikea. {You can tell in the pics from the shiny background—it does not shine like that to the natural eye.}

{Yes, we do have all the seasons of Little House on the Prairie—they just don’t make great show like that anymore!}

We have gone back and forth so many times—-do we sell this piece or re-paint it and still use it in the living room?  We have decided to part with it—and Handsome is going to build some neat shelves for this area.

Painting furniture is so much fun!  Whether it is an inexpensive piece or an old cast-off, painting opens up endless possibilities and looks.  With a little paint and change of hardware you can make the same piece of furniture look whimsical, or shabby chic, or antique, or ultra modern, etc.  AND, there’s no ‘messing up’—if you don’t like it, just repaint it!

This particular piece was solid red when purchased.  It was actually someone else’s cast-off and it had such cute lines I just HAD to do something with it.  Our living room and home is a very whimsical, artsy, eclectic place.  So, when painting this piece I left the solid red and had fun with different designs on each side, panel, drawer front, etc.  I’m not a big red  person—-so I’ve always wanted to change it.  Well, the change now—it’s moving out! 🙂

This paint job took me only a few hours one weekend. {It helped that I didn’t change the solid color that existed.  If you are painting a new solid color first, it will take a bit longer.}  I always use acrylic or latex paint for furniture.  It is super durable!  If it is a piece that will get extra wear and tear, I polyurethane it.  I have now just discovered Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint—–and now that is all I use for furniture.  I love the colors, the texture and consistency, and the finish is incredible!  In fact, that paint was the catalyst for the living room re-do.  We have just started the process—as you can see by the pics—our living room now looks wonky.  A little of this, a little of that—this summer I hope to get a lot done in there.  Our home will still be eclectic—but a new color palette and freshness is needed!  I’m moving on!

A quick ‘How To Paint Whimsical Furniture’ Tip List:

~ Make any repairs to the piece of furniture that might be needed {Tightened screws, fill cracks, etc.}

~  Remove all hardware and sand well

~  Prime the entire piece {I skip this step a lot!  But, if your furniture is in a high traffic spot or will get lots of wear and tear—this is an important step!}

~  Paint your base color—usually takes 2 coats {For some furniture that will not get a lot of use–I have been known to spray paint the solid color!}

~  Decorate!—Don’t hold back!  Any design that comes to mind–paint it!  Geometrics, stripes, polka dots, swirls, checkers—you name it, it will look great!

~  Depending on the look you are after—give it two coats of flat or gloss polyurethane

~  Allow to dry at least 24 hours before putting anything in or on it

~ Put on fun hardware!

Here’s our living room that is in transition:

Ugh!  Our fire place looks like a black hole!  We are looking for a great, shabby mantel to paint with our new chalk paint and brighten that spot!  All of the brick and flooring in our home was taken from two Civil War homes–one in Alabama and one in Virginia.  So much character—we love it!  We must do it justice!

…and we are deliberating on the new wall colors {DO NOT EVER use gloss paint on the walls.  What were we thinking?  We painted these during our children’s toddler years; maybe we were thinking they would be easy to clean.  BUT, these are cathedral walls, who was going to reach that high??? Once again, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?}——Since these are HUGE, cathedral walls!  GOT to be a wonderful color.  Hmmmmmm……..

We are transitioning from a crazy whimsical space to a fun, eclectic, shabby, Paris flea market kind of space. Still lots of fun color–you know, the same, only completely different.  LOTS OF WORK TO DO!!!!!  I’ll keep you updated on the process and progress!

High-Ho, High-Ho~

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30 thoughts on “Painted {Ikea} Furniture

  1. Love love love this! Your colors and whimsical style really are inspiring! I have a small chest I just might experiment with! Thanks for sharing at Today’s Creative Blog!

  2. I’m a MacKenzie-Childs fan, so it’s a treat to see your painted piece. Fun! I’d like to paint something in this style, but have never taken on a project. ~ sarah

    • Sarah~
      You would have so much fun doing it! I, too, am a Mackenzie Childs fan–when I was dancing in NY I use to go to her weekly parades down 5th Avenue. 🙂 Her stuff is amazing…….use it as a guide to get you going on your own piece. 🙂

  3. Fantastic! so cool love your style!

    My friend would love your coffee painting in that one photo she just painted a group of dos all dressed up in suit and ties woth various coffee cups in front of them you must be on the same wavew lenght as her Her name is Jamie Morath check her out at

    • Oh, how fun! I painted that years ago—and as we get ready to re-do our living room I think I will be selling it. 🙂 I’ll have to check out your friend’s site! 🙂

  4. Your MacKenzie-Childs inspired work is fabulous & would retail for several hundreds of dollars in the store. Very inspiring. Makes me want to do a few projects that dance in my head yet never get to. This look is soo fun. I’ll never see ikea furniture in the same eye again. Thanks for adding another layer of creativity to my world.

  5. Wow, this post was just what I needed! I’m about to tidy up and decorate my daughter’s room a year after moving! Your house is really colorful, I love it!

    I would love for you to link it up at my weekend Link Party, Once Upon a Weekend. Today is the first day, hint hint 🙂

    Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Also, if you have a list of favorite link parties, I’d love to be included. Thanks a ton!

  6. You have given me the inspiration and confidence I need to start my new project! I hope you’re right! that I can’t mess it up! Thank you for the pointers! I am a novice at this… so I may coming to you for more!! Keep sharing!

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