Cleaning Out the Clutter…

At the start of this year I had the overwhelming urge to purge!  Not just in my home {closets, rooms, etc.} but in my daily personal life.  When taking a look at all the clutter that makes it into my day, my soul, my thoughts, my spirit—-time it was to clean out!  I had let negative thoughts take over hopeful ones. I had let unnecessary worries and tasks zap my energy. I had said ‘yes’ to things that I meant to say ‘no’ to {Whoa, that is so not like me–where did THAT come from?} I was surprised at all the clutter that was lying around my personal shelves.  Hmmmm.  Some of the things that I was doing—my heart was really not in them at all. How did that happen?  How did all these things/clutter make it in?  I don’t remember putting them there.

Well, it didn’t happen overnight—that’s for sure. I realized I will need to be a more diligent guard of my heart if I want to clean up.  More diligent about seeking out what it is God wants to use to decorate my heart, soul, and day. I’ve been working on it since January. It’s slowly coming along.  I wish it could have been as quick as deciding to de-clutter areas and rooms in my home.  Like this area—granted this picture was taken at Christmas {always extra stuff around then}, but it had ended up being a too-cluttered, hard to use space in our home.  And not only that, it was the first thing people see when they walk in the front door!  Oh my! NOT a good representative of our home.

I spent just one evening paring down and de-cluttering and re-organizing.  Wow!  What a difference.

I wonder……..what is the first thing people see when they look at me or spend time with me? Do they see a cluttered, hard-to-use person? Too busy with busy-ness? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Negative? Is what they see a good representative of who I am/who I am meant to be? I would rather them see a peaceful, useable, hope-filled, inspiring, full of love person that has been ‘decorated’ with the fruits of the spirit.

*sigh* It’s going to take longer than an evening on that one, I think……….but it’s coming along, thanks to much grace.

What’s your clutter?

Things I am thankful for today:


playing outside all day

Saturday morning crumbs on the floor

a son that likes to hang out with me

a movie worthy of seeing

ferocious hope

kids out of breath from fun

inspiring magazines and artwork

multi-colored sunset

counting the birds with our kids

watching our kids’ minds work

time in the porch swing


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3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out the Clutter…

  1. I loved your thoughts in this post. I too get too caught up in clutter and have a hard time letting things go that really need to be gone. I’m inspired to try harder!

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