Fingerprint Friday

Each Friday The Rusted Chain does a great post—-calling all to share where they see the fingerprints of God. As I walked around our yard yesterday–I was overwhelmed at the beauty we’ve been given.  God’s fingerprints were everywhere if I chose to see them.  My yard walk started out being for the purpose of seeing what was wilted in this oppressive heat we have had for a couple of weeks here in Eastern NC.  In other words, I was looking for problems.  Among the wilts and sunburned, though, these things stood out to me…….

Have you ever noticed how impatiens start out as little twirled cones?  I’ve never noticed that before.

And hydrangeas are so intricately designed……and patiently colored

How unique this lacecap hydrangea is……..a wonderful Artist behind that, for sure…..

Here’s Barry the Bee poking out of a euonymous that was my grandmothers.  She died when I was 16, and just recently some of her land was sold.  We had the blessing of going to that piece of land and digging up whatever we wanted before it was sold.  So, this euonymous is an evergreen reminder of my grandmother.  We were also able to dig up a hydrangea that we had given her for mother’s day many years ago.  It now has a special place in our garden.  Neat how God works things out.

I saw God’s fingerprints in this candle last night.  A reminder of the peace that remains inside—regardless of what is going on outside.

Where do you see the fingerprints of God?

Happy Weekend~


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