Vermont Dreaming….

The living room re-do is officially underway!  I have been designing in my head, making lists, rearranging for a long time—and the two big inspiration pieces that I’ve been searching for have been found!  Woohoo!  For many months I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to completely re-do our living room area.  It’s a tough area because our downstairs is completely open.  This area includes the foyer, the living room, hallway, and is open to the upstairs above with cathedral ceilings.  So, it is not like re-doing one contained room—everything I do in this area affects many other areas of our downstairs.  I finally settled on how I wanted to proceed with this project; but needed that ONE PIECE—you know, the one that kicks off the whole room and sets the tone.  I found it last week!  This great, old, chippy Paris clock.  It is HUGE!  42″ in diameter!  I love it!

It is going over the fireplace along with the 100 year-old chippy mantel that I found as well.  Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd we’re off!  I’ll keep you updated throughout the process–it’s going to be fun.

Trying to stay focused on the re-do, but I’ve been so very distracted here lately.  We love to travel.  I keep traveling in my mind to wonderful places that I’d rather be.  I shared with you on Monday one of our favorite beach spots, Cape May.  We have another place that is near and dear to our heart—and we go as often as possible:  Vermont.  If you have never been, by all means, do your best to get there one day.  The Trapp Family {Sound of Music} settled in Stowe, Vermont when they escaped their homeland because it reminded them of Austria.  You can stay in their lodge–still owned by the von Trapp grandchildren.  Check out the Trapp Family Lodge.  Really neat place—the Baron and Maria are buried here.  {Click on the pictures for the source–some are our’s, and some are from other sources.}

Apples abound in the autumn—Macintosh, my favorite Vermont apple. I can smell them right now!

Apple cider donuts at Cold Hollow Cider Mill……. mmmmmmmm!
One of my favorite places to shop….crazy houses on the back roads…….purchased a great watering can here.  Sometimes you stop at a place thinking it
it is a store, and find out it is someone’s home!  Yikes! {Neat way to meet people!}
Stowe, Vermont in the winter twilight—our favorite spot.  Mt. Mansfield in the background with all the ski trails {we don’t ski—dancers don’t ski.
Snowmobile, maybe—NOT SKI!  Once accident and you are no longer a dancer! We sled, we hike, we make hot chocolate—but don’t ski!}
an autumn road
I love this house—-what a fun surprise to be driving down the road and discover.  Creativity and artistry abound in this lovely state that we love!
Stowe in the autumn—Main Street
We always stay at the Thatcher Brook Inn, a lovely bed and breakfast.  The food is fabulous–which all the food in Vermont is fabulous because the
New England Culinary Institute is in Vermont and all their students have to do internships.  You have wonderful, trained chefs at every turn!
And we can’t forget to stop by the Ben & Jerry’s Factory—right down the road from Thatcher Brook Inn!  Free ice cream! Woohoo!
Where are you dreaming of going this fine Wednesday?
Happy Trails~
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8 thoughts on “Vermont Dreaming….

  1. Found you through Savvy Southern Style link up, I also live in NC and pass an adorable place called Cottage in the Oaks when we go to the Pamlico River. I have always wanted to stop but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.
    Love your blog.

    • Thanks, Renee! I’d love to know where that place is—because it’s not us! ha! We don’t have a sign. So glad you stopped in….come back anytime! 🙂

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