Do You Know Mrs. Meyers?

The mantel and clock are now in place and next week I will show you the progress of the living room re-do!  Yippee–it has officially begun!

Amidst trying to start the living room project and being distracted with daydreaming of where I’d rather be—we’ve been trying to have a major cleaning week around here.  I love having a clean home—just don’t really always enjoy the cleaning part.  I also love for my home to smell wonderful.  {I’m all about smells over here.  *ahem* GOOD smells, that is.  Perfume, pot pourri, room spray, lotions, cleaning supplies—you name it, if it’s good, I like it!}  I love the fact that when people come into our home they almost always say “Your house always smells so good.  What is it?”  And I always reply:  “Why, it’s me, of course!”  bwahhahaha  *just kidding*

I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies—not only do they work, but your home smells WONDERFUL after using them.  My two favorite fragrances are Basil and Geranium.  {Geranium confuses me.  It smells really good, but nothing like a geranium. ???}  I also like the fact that they are all-natural—no chemicals, etc.  I was able to feel comfortable with my children using them even when they were very young.  Be sure to check it out—quite often I can find Mrs. Meyers in grocery stores (definitely Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc.); but I have even found them in TJ Maxx for a steal!  Let me know what you think if you give it a try.  {By the way:  Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t know me.  She has never been to my house to tell me how great it smells. And she has no idea that I am sharing with you today one of my favorite cleaning products that happens to be hers. :)}

Covered in dust~


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