Mosaic Birdbath

We had this great little concrete birdbath—you know, the ones you can get at potteries, outlets, etc.  Super cheap.  And plain.  I’ve never been into plain too much.  So, the kids and I decided to spruce it up a bit when they were teeny.  {They are ‘teen-y’ now, but no longer teeny–as in tiny.}

This is a super easy project–just be sure to do it outside because it is messy.  A great summer day project where you can let the kids get really messy and then hose them off!

Here’s what you need:

*  concrete birdbath

* exterior grout–you can mix your own, or buy pre-mixed.  {You can also use cement–premixed or mix your own.  NOT concrete, but cement.}

*  old, chipped, no longer wanted plates, bowls, cups.  If you don’t have any–yard sales and dollar stores are great places to find them.

*  mallet, hammer, or baseball bat

* plastic bags—large storage bags or trash bags

Here’s how ya do it:

1.  Put the plates, bowls, etc. into a plastic bag and take your stress out on them with a mallet/baseball bat, etc. {The plastic bag keeps shards from flying—protect your eyes} Don’t beat them up too much—you don’t want the pieces to be too small.

2.  Spread the mixed grout onto the birdbath in small sections and arrange your pottery pieces as you would like them.  Continue with this step until your birdbath is covered and looks just like you’d like it. We did not have any certain pattern for our birdbath—but you can really create a beautiful mosaic picture if you’d like to be more precise.  Cover your grout and make sure it is airtight.

3.  Allow to dry—several hours.

4.  Go back with the grout and cover the entire birdbath–it will look as if you are covering up your beautiful work.

5.  Go back over the entire birdbath with a wet cloth/sponge—this will smooth out the grout and ‘clean’ your mosaic work.  Continue to do this until you’ve wiped all the grout off of the pottery pieces and smoothed the surface.  {It doesn’t have to be perfect—the surface will not be super smooth–just fairly even with the pottery.}  OPTION:  you can use a grout sealer if you so wish.  Our birdbath in these pics is 8 years old and we did not use a sealer.  It stays out year round as well.  {If you live in extremely cold climates you may want to bring it in and store it during winter months.}

6.  Allow to set at least 24 hours before putting it in your garden.

This is my favorite part—we used the feet of a little decorative bowl and put them all around the top.  There’s a few other places that we put cup handles, etc.  Be sure to not toss those kinds of parts—they really add a lot of character to your project.

When the birdbath gets dirty I just put a bit of bleach in it for a few minutes, scrub with a brush, rinse well, and allow it to dry in the sun—then you are back in business.  {I usually have to do that about once a year.}

We love having birdbaths in our garden.  They draw so many birds!

Heading out to weed~

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11 thoughts on “Mosaic Birdbath

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  2. Thanks so much for this, Daune. I’ve been looking for a tutorial on mosaics… this is perfect to get me started!

  3. I love it!! When my kids were little we used our broken cups and dishes to make stepping stones and small cement bird baths for the garden. My oldest is now 17…but every time I walk on those stones they make me smile and remember back to a simpler time.
    Enjoy those kiddos!

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