More Neat Collections…..

After yesterday’s post I came across many more neat ways to use printer’s trays—or type trays—or type drawers.  They are called several different things.  Here is what a printer’s chest of drawers looks like…isn’t it a great piece of furniture?  I would love to have one, paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and use it to organize. {Click on each picture for the source.}

Here are some more fun ideas with printer’s trays:

Looks like someone else has a “My Collection”!  Love the whole vignette here!

How about this one used for organizing jewelry…fun color:

I LOVE this one with pictures.  Being a picture nut, I’m always looking for more ways to display pictures. {Click on the picture for the tutorial to make your own!} I’m definitely going to do this!

Here is one filled with patterned papers….great piece of artwork.

Great for organizing — color-coded even!

Here’s a great way to make a memento of a special event or vacation.  The little compartments make for a great collage piece.  So much you could do with that! Aaaaaannnnnnd I do believe it is covered in newsprint—just like the Newsprint Frames!

Seashells!  This one reminds me of my son’s. Glue holds them steady.

LOVE this HUGE one!  And since I have a thing for letters and numbers–this is fun!  Great for my living room re-do inspiration file. I like the couch, like the wagon coffee table, like the curtains, love the……… {you get it!}

May your weekend and July 4th holiday {for my US friends} be filled with fun and great memories!


3 thoughts on “More Neat Collections…..

  1. If I had a printer’s tray I think it would lead to more collecting. I would look at the empty little cubbies and want to fill them. I did a post recently on one of my favorite antique shops. If I see one there, I’ll let you know if it leads to another collection.

    • Can you have too many collections? I’m a collector of collections. 🙂 I’m sure in the wonderful area you live in—there are FABULOUS printers trays!

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