What I Woke Up To….



is what I woke up to this morning!

Revelry! They think they have won!  They think this is their turf!

I tell you…..they are after me!  I looked up into a tree yesterday and saw one of our

chair cushions—making his nest quite cozy!

They chew, gnaw, scratch….

This one is actually EATING the candles {unscented, mind you!} out of the mason jars in the window boxes!

We have dubbed him mentally ill.

This means war!!!

I think they even have a retirement home in our garden!

And after we saw this—we knew.  They think they are here to stay.  Once you find a good school for your kids—you don’t move.

In our garden we have turtles, birds, rabbits, raccoons…but waaaaaaayyyyyyy too many squirrels!

So, we have invested in one of these…..

I’ll keep you updated.

Hope your day is squirrel-free~


8 thoughts on “What I Woke Up To….

    • Isn’t it horrible! We have started only putting out safflower seed–and they leave the seed alone. And we did find a feeder at Wild Birds Unlimited that is squirrel-proof. We had cleaned them out a year or so ago—-but I think they multiply faster than rabbits!

    • Oh, the rabbits! A whole other story! Whew! We have found a great organic spray that keeps them away. It’s called invisible fence—-smells HORRIBLE…so we spray it in the evening if we know we will not be outside!

  1. i was thinking of trying that scarecrow motion sensored rainbird….a very nice hawk has been limiting their raids on my patio furniture lately…..I think squirels multiply faster than rabbits–at least they do when your neighbor buys a hundred pounds of walnuts for them each fall!

  2. This is hilarious-wherever did you find these funny pictures? Of course I know the destuction they do is NOT funny-hubby had to build a cage around our tomatoes or we would never get any.!

    • My friend sent me these pictures—she thought it was hilarious that I had become a trapper. She said she never imagined that—I don’t know where she found them, but we have had fun with them. Because, you know, in our minds that is EXACTLY what we were seeing! 🙂

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