This Guy….{Stole My Heart}

I met him under not the most perfect circumstances…..

After 40 hours of labor

3 hours of pushing

150 stitches {no, not a c-section}

Hence the puffy face, dark circles, and glazed eyes….

{Mine, not his–his were bright, sparkly, and full of life}

He was gorgeous

10 lbs., 22 in.

Yes, thank you, we’ll keep him!

He began to grow

the curls and the Caribbean blue ocean eyes….

got me every time

He loves his Daddy

Wanted to shave just like him

It takes practice, you know

From a little one he has always loved the ocean

It ministers to him and speaks to his soul

He’s always been the biggest helper

….his favorite watering can was a daily tool

We’ve always had fun together

This little guy and me

Even while 7 months pregnant with his sister

We scooted around on a little dirt bike

His family is very important to him

He cherishes each member

At Christmas he would wait patiently in the “waiting spot”

{the stair landing in front of the window}

with his sisters

for Nanna & Poppa to arrive in the driveway

From a young boy.. he has loved his violin

A talent discovered early…..nurtured and treasured

Not always liking his picture taken…

It was fun to ‘catch’ him in a great shot without him knowing it!

He loves the mountains

Exploring, hiking, kayaking, discovering, being

He’s a very talented swimmer

And learned so much within his competitions

About himself and others

Afternoons spent with cousins and Poppy shooting at the range

Are always a treat to this guy…..

It means time with people that he admires and loves

Great sense of humor…making the most stoic laugh

He knows how to have a good time

Make people smile

And bring others in to have a good time with him

He blesses those he is around

And even though they drive him crazy at times….

He adores his little sisters..and protects them

With all that he is

He has a blast with them daily

A new adventure around each corner

And still…..

after all these years….

the ocean ministers to his heart

and he loves to be in it

{Could this be a picture of my 10 lb. baby boy?  Where has the time gone?}

He is now an amazing violinist

and blesses those that hear him play

Spending hours daily practicing this gift he has been given

This guy

the one that stole my heart

My firstborn, my #1 son….

He is respectful, responsible, honorable, diligent, hard-working, has great character,

Is a wonderful leader

Compassionate, caring, and fun

He has taught me so much and I know will teach me more

He takes me out to lunch

and honors me daily

with his actions, decisions, and character



This guy that overflows my heart with love

is 16!

Happy Birthday #1 Son!  You are a TREASURE! We are so glad that you were born!



3 thoughts on “This Guy….{Stole My Heart}

  1. i was hoping he wasn’t growing up! Your tribute inspires me to create a story for my kids 20,17,&14—it is unreal how fast the have grown up & I am thankful that they all love the Lord–I just want to inspire them and let them know I’ve noticed

    • I think a tribute would be wonderful! 🙂 Actually, once you start—it’s hard to know where to stop. You can just go on and on when you are acknowledging what a blessing they are!

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