Painted Countertops…..

When we moved into Oak Cottage we loved the character, space, etc. of our great little cottage!  BUT, there were several things we DID NOT like….for instance:  the horrible formica in the kitchen and baths.  We had just begun our cottage redo—and were not fully sure of what direction we wanted to go in each room.  So, we didn’t want to invest tons of money in countertops.  The easy solution?  We painted them!  Yep….and 16 years later they are still doing great!  We painted the kitchen countertops and all 3 full bath countertops.  Never regretted it.  Very durable—and easily changed if you redecorate!  We are getting ready to replace the kitchen countertops—Handsome is going to be pouring cement kitchen counters!  Yippee!  Yay!  Can’t wait!  I’ll show you a few pics of our painted counters—and the tutorial of how to do it today.  Sometime soon I’ll post before and after pics of all of our rooms in our home.  {I’m still searching for those super early ‘before’ pics.}

Here is our kitchen….with painted counters.  They were originally a horrible forest green gunk formica color.  I painted them 16 years ago—still looking good! These are painted to look like black granite.

Here is our master bath counters.  They, too, were the horrible forest green gunk formica.  I guess the builders had a thing for that color?????  I painted these to look like marble.

I also painted the tile on the edge of the shower!  Yep, you can do that!  It, too, was the horrible color of the countertops.  We have plans to tear out this tub/shower and put in a claw-foot—but the temporary fix has been to paint the edge of the tile the marble to match the painted countertops.

Below is the first version of my daughter’s bathroom.  When she was a toddler/preschooler we had fun in her bath with lots of bright colors, polka dot walls, etc.  I’m using her bathroom as the tutorial–because we just re-did it the other week.  I’ll also share my goof on that one.

Here’s what you need:

~  sandpaper

~ paintbrushes—foam work great!

~ Kilz 2 primer

~  acrylic or enamel paint in selected colors

~  polyurethane—high gloss preferrably

~ painters tape

Here’s how ya do it:

1.  Sand counters really well

2.  Tape off edges, cabinets, walls to protect

3.  Prime with Kilz 2 {less odor than Kilz regular}

4.  Paint desired solid color—2 coats

5.  Paint desired design

There’s the Sea Glass Mirror that we made a few weeks ago!  This cutie bathroom is coming together! Now–to get rid of the BROWN sink, toilet, and tub that was originally in here!  Whew!

6.  Once you are finished with your design and are happy with how it looks:  paint 2-3 coats of polyurethane.  Be sure to allow to dry several hours in between.

7.  Allow to sit for at least 24 hours after the final coat before using counter or placing items on top.

Here is the tool that we used to paint the new counter in the bathroom above—a special rag mop glove.  You can find these at Lowe’s and probably other home stores. It’s a great thing to have!  We have used it many, many times—on walls, furniture, etc.

***If you are painting a bathroom counter—be sure to seal around the sink for moisture!  We didn’t do this in this bathroom the first time–and look what happened:

ugh!  Water seeped under the edge of the paint and caused it to bubble up.  BUT, never fear–all is not lost.  Worst case scenario:  you just have to redo it!  Nothing permanently damaged.

To clean your painted countertops:  just use windex and a paper towel.  Every counter in our home is painted—and they have all lasted 15+ years. {Except the one goof that we had to redo!}  It’s a great way to completely change a kitchen or bath for very little money and time.

Approximate cost of kitchen counter:  $50 and about 6 hours of work

Approximate cost of master bath counter:  $30 and about 4 hours of work

Approximate cost of small bath counter:  $30 and about 2 hours of work

Can’t beat that!

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19 thoughts on “Painted Countertops…..

  1. How amazing! Your painted countertops are incredible and such a great way to transform them! Can’t wait to see your concrete counters too! Thanks for linking up at FNF this week! Sharing this on FB 🙂

  2. Ok, so totally doing that now that I know it lasts!! I have a horrible Formica counter in the hall bath. It’s in great shape, just U.G.L.Y. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

    • Pat~

      Thanks! I’ll have to go back and clarify. I used Kilz 2 primer—and then any kind of interior latex that you desire. I used Valspar. Then polyurethane was used to seal it—-either gloss or matte, depending on the look that you want. 🙂

  3. Hi !
    I just intend to do my atrocious countertops in the kitchen in the new house … When You use polyurethane , do you know if it’s food safe ?


    • To my knowledge it is fine….we aren’t cooking on it or putting hot food directly on it, and we use cutting boards to cut. I’m sure you can check the can of poly that you purchase…there is so many different kinds out there. 🙂

  4. Great idea been looking for directions. Is there directions on how to paint the patterns, granite, marble etc.?

    • Cynthia~

      I didn’t do a tutorial on how to create the faux finishes….but there are some great tutorials out there for that! 🙂 It’s very easy.

  5. This is wonderful news.
    I can’t get over the length of time that these counters have lasted.
    I didn’t even own a computer 17 years ago. Seriously…
    I’ve got to do this to my kitchen…before I go crazy!

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