A Friend…….

I can’t believe it!  I’ve found my friendship philosophy on a button!  Sums it up short and sweet.  Maybe I’ll order a dozen.

{This company has some great buttons in their etsy shop.  Some are off-color and I don’t like them; but some are fun—and they are only $1!}  A friend sent the one above to me because she knew I would love it.  ha!ha!

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are this week!  We are under a heatwave—the AC is moaning and groaning.  We are fanning and canning.

{We’re not really canning—I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning and I needed a rhyming word.}

It’s supposed to top 100 today.  We went to the pool — and it feels like bathwater! ugh.  Overheard someone yesterday say that they would like to fill their tub with Dairy Queen soft serve and just sit in it.  Hmmmmmm.  I won’t go there.  The heat does things to people, you know.

I’m going to go fan {not can}—and work on the living room redo.  I’ll show you a little update tomorrow. 🙂

Stay Cool~


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