Do You Recognize This Artist?

I meant to share with you guys today an update on the living room redo—but I didn’t quite get all the pics downloaded.  I’ll work on it and update you next week. {Headed to the paint store today!  Yippee!}

I love history…and I thought I would share some interesting historical info with you today.  Most people are unaware of this—it’s an interesting fact to ponder.  Being an artist–I have seen rejection tear at and change so many people over the years.  Especially during my college years.  But never has it led to such a drastic lifestyle change.

A young man’s dream to be an artist was crushed when his application to enter a fine arts academy was rejected.  His broken dream turned into a tragic nightmare for the world…….

Do you know who painted these pictures?


The person who painted these pictures wanted to attend the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts…and become a fine artist.  If he had been accepted by the academy world history might have been different….

His name was Adolf Hitler.

What do you think?  Would history have been different?  I have personally seen so many artists not make the audition, not make it into the performing arts school, or the design school, or rejected by the museum, or publisher.  So many times it leads to a very unhealthy path.  If you are an artist—how have you handled rejection and disappointment?  Have you ever experienced it?  What advice would you give to a young artist just spreading their wings and facing rejection?

Have a great weekend~


One thought on “Do You Recognize This Artist?

  1. Thanks for this post. I was aware that Hitler had been an artist in Vienna but had never seen his work. I would have expected something more tormented and less peaceful…. At least his appreciation for art may have accounted for him hording and thus saving many works while he was in power. Still… sad….

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