Lemonade Inspired Shave Ice Sale!

What says summer better than lemonade!  We have a favorite lemonade recipe called Mamo’s Orange Lemonade.  It is Handsome’s great grandmother’s special recipe—and it is a treat!  Check out all these fun lemonade inspirations….makes you just want to run right out and set up the lemonade stand.  {Unless you are here in Eastern NC and it is 163 degrees!}  Then, you want to set up a pretty lemonade display inside on your table,  and put a sign in the yard saying “Come on in!” My sweat is sweating.  I thought about not shaving this week….my legs would get a bit more shade when I go out.  I digress.

Here’s the fun inspiration I wanted to share with you…….{click on each pic for the source if it is not from me}

Makes you want to say ahhhhhhhhhh! LOVE the mason jars and  paper straws! Click here for my favorite place to get paper straws.  I just love them. I really do.  Like, a lot.

Great grown-up lemonade stands.  Don’t you just love this?!


Great lemonade stand aprons/dresses….I want one.  Great colors!

More fun set-ups….

Here at the cottage we have had many lemonade stands—but more often we have Hawaiian Shave Ice stands.  Now, shave ice is NOT to be confused with snowballs.  Very different.  Snowballs are little round  pellets of ice–crunchy.  Shave ice is finely shaved ice…ice that will soak up the wonderful flavors that you will be pouring over them.  {Our personal favorites are blue raspberry & cherry} Shave ice … much better than pellet ice.  {Pellet:  I don’t like that word.  It sounds like what the rabbits leave in my yard each evening.  Yuck!}

When my youngest daughter was 9 she set up one of these on our street and by the end of the weekend she had made over $600!  We found that they are much more popular than lemonade—and people will pay $1 per cup!  Woohoo!  If you have never had a Shave Ice Sale….give it a try…..here’s what we do:

You will need:

~ styrofoam cups from the dollar store

~ plastic spoons from the dollar store

~ ice

~ shave ice maker (We got ours at Walmart)

~ shave ice flavors…we usually offer 4 different choices.

~ signs for around the neighborhood

~ table/stand {see above for great inspiration!}

What to do:

1.  Set up a fun stand…check out the fun inspiration above! You can be as simple or all-out as you want!

2.  Put signs around neighborhood—intersections, highly travelled streets, etc.

3.  Run an extension cord to your table (for the shave ice maker)

4.  Be sure to put your ice  & flavors in a cooler out by your stand

5.  Have cups and spoons ready–and start selling!

I think you will find that you will get a HUGE response to a Shave Ice Sale.  We have also added our shave ice sales to any yard sales that we do.  It’s hot.  People are thirsty.  They want a treat.  They just bought your 50 cent stirrup pants from the 80’s.  They’ll definitely want some shave ice.  What’s another dollar when you’ve just bought stirrup pants?! You’re downright giddy!

Or, you wouldn’t take their $1 offer for the chia pet set.  They are sad.  They need a pick-me-up.  They will want shave ice.  Shave ice always picks you up!

Let’s hear it for the boys shave ice! {OK, if you were not around in the 80’s–you missed that!}





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