Marietta On My Mind…..

Ever been to Marietta, Georgia?

I just love Marietta Square

full of quaint antique shops, a beautiful greenway in the center,

fun, old-fashioned ice cream parlor….

And….The Gone With the Wind Museum!

I have fun in each and every place we visit when in Marietta Square…

But this is an extra fun spot!

If you have not ever seen Gone With the Wind

by all means…put it on your weekend list for this weekend.

Whether it makes you mad or glad, happy or sad, giddy or goofy….

It’s worth it!  A classic!

It’s the 75th Anniversary, you know!

I’m a southern girl…

as southern as sugar-shocked tea {which I drink daily…on the porch

{ahem! vuhraaaaaannnnnduuuuhhhh}, no less} 🙂

I have always loved this movie, and, yes, of course…Scarlet is my favorite.

Shocking to some, I know…BUT

She has pluck, inner strength, initiative, drive…..

She was not an observer of life….she was a participator!

Now, she didn’t use all those gifts for good things…that is bad.

But, take Melanie—whom some most admire.

That poor girl wouldn’t have been able to

get out of a wet paper bag!

Just can’t take it.

I’m going to have to stick with Scarlet,

and in my heart believe that she mends her wicked ways.

Let me share some fun from the museum…..

Ashley’s coat…..{why she was interested in such a noodle–I’ll never know! ugh!}

Scarlet’s mourning bonnet…ha!

Scarlet’s famous dress when she was in Atlanta

Belle Watling’s bonnets…scandalous!

The call sheet for filming day

Vivien Leigh’s contract….she made a whopping $30,000 to play the part of Scarlet!

{She’s rolling over in her grave right now!}

The script

And your’s truly with the famous pistol that Scarlet shot the yankee intruder with at Tara!

{Oh, the thoughts running through my mind…don’t worry I haven’t acted on any of them!} 🙂

Where have you been fun, lately?  Would love to hear about your travels!


2 thoughts on “Marietta On My Mind…..

  1. What a fun place. We will have to take a trip down there sometime. I love Gone with the Wind. We have not taken a trip yet, but are embarking on a Disney trip in 2 weeks. All five of us for seven fun filled days. Cannot wait. We have every second planned.

    • Oh…how fun! The five of us just went not too long ago and had a great week! 🙂 Do you have all the secrets for Disney? Do you know about the great smartphone apps they have now—you can get a fast pass and see real time wait times for each ride and restaurant, etc. They are great! You guys are going to have a blast! 🙂

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