Summer Celebrations……

We LOVE to celebrate here at Oak Cottage……in fact, tonight our cottage is hosting a Soul Surfer party for teens and tweens.  {Note to self:  extra vitamins after posting.}  By the way, if you haven’t seen the movie “Soul Surfer”–it is out on DVD today.  Be sure to catch it!  My daughters have followed the surfer, Bethany Hamilton, ever since her accident—so this movie has been a big deal at our house.  It’s a great movie, great message….not too many movies you can say that about these days.

SO, I need to post so I can go get the grass skirts and leis out!

In case you have not discovered Pinterest — it is so fun!  If you are not already a member–you do have to be invited.  Just let me know and I will be happy to send you an invite. {I’ll need your e-mail address.}

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Ok, Ok…..on with why I’m here today—-to share some fun Summer Celebration ideas!  I just love these fun celebrations, and thought you might, too.

I spent a lot of time growing up on the water—lots of rivers here in Eastern NC; as well as the ocean.  I love this simple lining of votives on a pier.


And this….how fun and fresh!


Some great beach celebrations…..



Love this one…


And, of course, this garden one is my absolute favorite.  This is how we entertain and celebrate here at the cottage in the summer. {Well, I don’t have orange trees.  BUT, I do have hydrangeas!}


What a fun patio… the table!


And this one—-makes we want to have a summer brunch. {Once the temperatures here go below 153 degrees.}


Do you enjoy entertaining?  Having celebrations at your home—-whether it’s just for the ones under your roof, or open to many?  Where’s your favorite place to entertain?



Love to hear from you guys.......

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