Back-to-School Ideas….

I cannot believe it is time to start thinking about back-to-school.  {We homeschool–and won’t be starting back until a couple more weeks.}  I know many of you may have already sent your kiddos back to the books!  Yikes!  This summer was truly just a flash. [And I know I’m not getting any older—so that’s not it.]

I thought I’d share some fun back-to-school ideas that I found on the web over the past couple of weeks.

A Back-to-School Bucket List……


Countdown to the first day with these fun ideas…..



For younger ones—the Back-t0-School Fairy would be a hit….


Teens would love these messenger bags  {me, too!}


And these little pockets for ‘things’—you need pockets for ‘things’ and ‘thingys’ and ‘whatchamacallits’, ya know….


Check out these nails….{what a hoot!}



I think these first day of school presents would be a blast!


Sewn paper treat bags—a fun surprise in their lunch bag or backpack….


How are you getting ready for back-to-school at your house?

Working on lesson plans today~





Love to hear from you guys.......

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