The moonflowers have started to bloom!

I love moonflowers.

They bloom at dusk…in the dark….

and perfume the whole yard.

Big, white, and yummy!

They are usually the size of my hand.

Their aroma is best in the darkest hours of the night.

{They are at their best in the darkest hour.}

If you have never added one of these annuals to your garden….

by all means–put it on your list for next year.

They are a super easy-to-grow vine..

very similar to morning glories, just bigger.

And they have a fabulous smell!

Jan Karon wrote a lovely book called

“The Trellis and the Seed”.

It is about moonflowers….and God’s timing.

Whew! Why is it His timing is never mine?

Each year as the moonflower vine grows all summer…

Only green leaves.  Growing up.

No flowers. Just leaves.

All the other plants are in full bloom…total glory.

Not the moonflower.  Just green leaves.

You get to the point that you think something is wrong with this plant!

It’s an annual—it’s running out of time!

{How often do I feel this way?  Daily!  “It should have happened by now!”

“We should have accomplished _____ by now!”

“When is it going to HAPPEN?”

“Why are we in the same place?”

“I’ve prayed about this forever!”

“Are you there, God?”}

But, then…..mid to late August comes.

The glory seekers have worn themselves out–brown is already showing.

The moonflower blooms.

And it is gorgeous!

Each August it reminds me that in my life God is saying:

“Just wait, Daune.  It’s not time yet.

In due time it will come to pass.”

I’m reminded to trust. wait. continue to grow.

roots are going deep.


I love moonflowers.


Love to hear from you guys.......

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