What I Found Behind the Sofa…..

Last week when we moved all the furniture to get the scaffolding in to paint the Tall Wall in the living room……..THIS is what was behind the sofa:

What in the world!? I told Handsome right then, “The maid HAS GOT TO GO!!!  She’s horrible!”

{The maid is me!}

I see things in this pile like—popsicle wrappers {popsicles aren’t even supposed to BE in the living room. hhhmmmmm.}, Swedish Fish {since all individuals that eat Swedish Fish in this house have braces and aren’t SUPPOSED to eat Swedish Fish.  double hhhhhmmmmmmm}, a napkin from LAST FALL!, and what did someone do–vent the dryer hose behind the sofa to make all that fuzz?!   Aaaarrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh!

Here we have had Bible studies, friends & family over, family nights—-and people were sitting in our lovely, clean living room {I thought}; but with THIS just inches away!

While I was cleaning this up and scrubbing the baseboards it made me think.  All along I thought I had a clean living room–but all this was lurking out of site.

Even when I look good on the outside—what trash/dust/crud is lurking around on the inside-insdie my spirit/heart/soul?


Old wounds?




I’ve always told the kids that character is caring just as much about the back yard as you do about the front yard.

How is my ‘back yard’ doing?  Is my spirit full of trash just like the behind the sofa—is it well hidden?  Gaining more fuzz each day that it is ignored?

Maybe it’s time to check on it………..

Cleaning out today….me—and behind the sofa~





Grateful today for:

house full of teens and tweens eating Belgian waffles

Belgian waffles!

glow sticks after pool parties

lost teeth and wanting the tooth fairy to still come — even though you know who the tooth fairy is 🙂


metal fans–that make the great humming noise


new bookcase that Handsome built for the living room

fresh starts

storms bringing much needed rain

thunder to sleep by


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