Earthquake & Homeschool…..

Well—I can now say that I have survived an earthquake.  So I went out and had pasta last night! {You need pasta after surviving an earthquake!}  I have to share this picture with you…..from the earthquake devastation in Washington DC……….



I laughed by head off—and it does help to put things in perspective.

It was very eery, though.  I was sitting on my porch and all of a sudden everything was shaking—an eery shake, like in slow motion.  I almost thought I was going crazy.  You know, here on the East coast we KNOW hurricanes, but not earthquakes.  By the way—we are preparing for a hurricane this weekend.  As it looks right now it will be slamming right into us—Saturday afternoon.  Unless it changes course I guess we will be tying down all those things that were shaking yesterday!

Earthquake on Tuesday.

Hurricane on Saturday.

The earth groans.

SO, as the earth groans—-I’m here prepared to tie things down and get ready for homeschool to start on Monday.  I found these great pictures around the web over the past weeks—dreamy homeschool spaces, don’t ya think?  They would also be neat takes on home offices, homework spots…….lots of neat ideas.  I thought I would share them with you.  {Click on each picture for the source.}

Do any of you homeschool?  Aren’t these spaces great?!  And if you do not homeschool—wouldn’t they be wonderful home office inspiration or family room homework spots?

Keeping things tied down here on the East coast~



2 thoughts on “Earthquake & Homeschool…..

  1. Glad survived our tremors yesterday. It was very weird!!! I will be thinking of your and praying for your family and your safety this weekend during Hurricane Irene. Looks like we won’t get much of anything in Raleigh. Batten down the hatches!

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