Join Us Tomorrow for the Party…..

Well……I’ve stocked up on bottled water, done whatever projects I need to do outside—and tomorrow will be working on tying stuff down in the yard. {Unless Irene decides to change course—she’s headed for us.}

It’ll be a cozy weekend inside; unless the roof blows off.  ha! {I don’t think it will.}

This month I was asked to be one of the featured bloggers to present a fun back-to-school idea or project.  Tomorrow is the big Au

gust Point of View day!  Join me and the following blogs:

Amy at Ameroonie Designs

Gwen from Gwenny Penny

Michelle from A Little Tipsy

Jonie from Just Between Friends

Camilla from Rosy Red Buttons

Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything

for a fun linky party.  I’ll have the links for you tomorrow–to go to Amy’s blog and link up any fun ideas, projects, or recipes that you have for back-to-school.  We’d love to hear about them!  So get ’em ready to link up tomorrow for Point of View! Any fun ideas will be welcome!  Hope to see you there……

Amidst the impending Hurricane—we’ll be having our annual back-to-school party/celebration this weekend.  And I found these fun printables at Eighteen25 blog.

They have lots of fun stuff for celebrations and families.  Check it out.

After tomorrow—I’m not going to talk about back-to-school anymore!  The past two weeks it has been heavily on my thoughts —- as we are preparing to start up another year next week.  Our family LOVES celebrations—we celebrate everything.  So this week has been the fun countdown to the first day {with little treat bags each day}; and this weekend will be a fun family time celebration of beginning another year of opportunity and challenges.

It has also been a full two weeks of projects and redos here at the cottage.  Handsome got the bookcase built for the living room.  {Wooooohoooooo!  Yeeeeeeehawwwwww!  Yippy-Skippy! Oh Yeah! } I did a fun  project in the kitchen—and some other fun ones around the house…….I’ll share some of them over the next weeks.

Gotta run……and tie the porch swing~




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