So excited……..

We are so excited!  Wanta know why?  Tomorrow is FALL!!!  Yep, it’s September 1st–and that’s the beginning of fall! {At least around here.}

I know, I know—the calendar says that it isn’t until September 23 or something like that.  Confusion—total confusion.  Our seasons?  I’m so glad that you want to know!

September 1-November 30 = Fall

December 1-February 28/29 = Winter

March 1-May 31 = Spring

June 1-August 31 = Summer

SO—-that’s why we are excited!  Tomorrow is FALL!  🙂

I’m ready.  How about you?

What’s your season break down?  Do you have your own or go by what the confused calendar says?

Happy Day Before Fall~







PS  I’m also excited because the Tasty Kitchen featured my Potatoes Romanoff recipe today! Whoop! Whoop!


4 thoughts on “So excited……..

  1. I saw your recipe on Tasty Kitchen – loved it – can’t wait to try it – jumped over here and I just LOVE your blog!! I’ma gonna follow ya!! And Fall – hello…………………….my most favorite season ever!!! Mine kinda wants to start on August 1st – because that’s just how I am – but I hold off until after Labor Day.

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