Good-Bye Summer Mantel……

If you’ve been here a while you know about our wonderful fireplace redo—and the fabulous gift we received:  the 150+ year-old mantel!  It was the start of our living room renovation. {Still going on…but getting there.}

I put everyone to work making vintage book bundles to fill the fireplace for the summer……..even my dad, Poppy.  We had fun.

But this weekend we will be saying good-bye to the summer mantel—–and hello to the fall mantel. {After all, today IS the first day of fall, ya know. :)}

Here’s a few fun pics before we say good-bye to summer……….

Handsome has made the new bookcase to replace the whimsical furniture—and it is in place.  He  did a great job—it looks wonderful! Just waiting for my chalk paint to arrive so we can get both bookcases painted.  Woohoo!

Good-Bye, Summer…………




5 thoughts on “Good-Bye Summer Mantel……

    • Karen……me too! We only use the book bundles in the fireplace during summer. They will be taken out in a few weeks so we can enjoy those wonderful, warm fires! 🙂

      • Sally~

        We only put the vintage book bundles in the fireplace for spring and summer—so there isn’t a big, black hole there. 🙂 When cooler weather rolls around we will use the book bundles in other places around our home —- so we can enjoy toasty fires! 🙂

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