The Ugliest Thing I’ve Made {Lately}…….

Well—-it happens.  It was so wonderful in my head.  I just knew it would be so fun.  Yeah.

It all started when I wanted to get rid of the plain white shade on the little wall lamp.  Innocent enough.

It came to me!  Fun. Vintage. Shabby Paris. I could see it. It was perfect.

Then I did it.  And what it looked like was not what I had planned.  It was ugly.

The more I tried to fix it—the worse it got.

Here it is… little, pitiful, ratty lampshade:

Poor thing.  It looks so sad and forlorn. I just can’t take a forlorn lampshade!

But, all is not lost. {It never is…is it?}  🙂

I think I have another idea up my sleeve.

I’m off for a fun weekend—what about you?  I’ve had enough cleaning up trees and debris!

I hope your weekend is full of laughter, love, and fun! Those of you in TX and PA—you are in my prayers………






2 thoughts on “The Ugliest Thing I’ve Made {Lately}…….

  1. It is not the ugliest thing, but sad like you said. I know you will fix and it will be fabulous. Alessa is coming for a visit and we will be doing filming a cooking segment on Monday with a local chef. So exiting. More updates on that later.

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