Being A Part of Community…..

I was just reading yesterday’s post.  ha!ha!  When I have a lot on my mind I not only speak in sound bites–choppy and short—I think and write in them, as well.

Wednesdays are full days around here.  Yesterday I once again joined the lovely ladies that make up the MotherWise Leadership Team here in our community.  As a small group leader I have the privilege of coming alongside a great group of ladies — walking them through another year of growing, challenging themselves, and overcoming life’s obstacles.  It’s an honor.  I will find out next week who my group will be… fun! The leadership team below is a fabulous group of women–some I am just getting to know, and some I have known since I was very young. Truly an honor to be a part.

It hit me yesterday {during the sound bite thinking}—-I am a small group leader on Wednesday mornings for adult women, small group leader for 8th grade girls here in our home on Wednesday evenings, and a small group leader for high school girls on Sunday evenings.  Whoa!  The only age missing in preschoolers! ha! 🙂

It will be an exciting and fun year—walking alongside all these wonderful girls.  I’ve found, more often than not, that when you come alongside others with the intention to encourage and build them up—YOU actually end up being encouraged and built up in the process.

Do you have a special group/community that you belong to?

Using full sentences today…….


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