Closet Discovery…….

I thought I would get to tell you that the bookcases in the living room were done.  NOT.  I got about 3/4 of the way through painting them and distressing them……only to run out of paint!  And, because I am using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint—-I had to reorder.  Alas.

But—the discovery in my youngest daughter’s closet is by far more fun than bookcases!  She is always rearranging and redecorating her closet—-and when I went up to see the latest, this is what I found.  An American Girl animal county fair!  I love it!  She made almost all the treats out of clay, paper, found objects.  {A few peppered-in American Girl treats that she already had.} AND, she made all the costumes—except for the statue of liberty.

I love it!  It’s such a blessing to see her use her imagination and creativity.  She’s a fun blessing to our family. 🙂

Today I am thankful for:

almost finished bookcases

seeing the talents of my children

lovely fall weather all weekend

sleeping with windows open

being serenaded by night sounds

being awaken by morning sounds

a repaired home

new trellis for roses to replace the destroyed one


Blessings for your week~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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