How Do You Celebrate?

The weekend of Hurricane Irene was the weekend before we started school—and Handsome and I had a fun Back-to-School dinner and celebration planned for our children.

Well, we still did it—but it was definitely not as planned!  We had no electricity.  So, for dinner we had leftover Olive Garden salad and breadsticks {cold & hard, no less!}.  The root beers were a bit chilly.  BUT, the rainbow cake was just fine! 🙂 It was not the fabulous dinner we had planned; but we had a great time.  {Mind you–we were having this dinner along with a tree that had crashed into the house, and become a temporary family member!}

We laughed, pointed flashlights at the food to see it, and had a fun time together.  That’s all that matters.

After dinner we gave each of our children a giant cone that we had made and filled with crazy little presents, candy, supplies.  We had to use the flashlight for them to see what they had—but they loved it.  In fact, I think it made it even a little more fun.

We love to celebrate around here—and do it as often as we can.  But sometimes life happens—and no matter how wonderful our plans were, it just doesn’t happen that way.  It would be easy to just bag it and not do it at all.  Forget about it. Quit.

But so far we never have. And it’s made all the difference.

How about you?  What does your family like to celebrate? How do you deal with plans gone awry?




4 thoughts on “How Do You Celebrate?

  1. We love celebrating too. However our plans seem to escape me ( a procrastinator) and we sometimes just do a last minute something. What a cool night you all had power or not.

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