What Stains Your Heart?

I have always had a ‘thing’ for hearts.  From the time I was very young I signed my name with a heart.  I put hearts on everything. Over the years I have collected heart rocks. All other forms of nature found in the shape of a heart—bark, leaves, etc.  It’s always been in the subconscious forefront of my searches. Hearts.

Our hearts. They are so very tough–and at the same time so very fragile.  The way our Creator knit them together–they can handle unimaginable circumstances and events – and continue to work. Feel. Guide. Flourish.

They can overflow with abundance—and almost dry up from hurt. Nevertheless, in constant renewal and growth.

My subconscious search also keeps me finding heart stains.

I find heart stains on the pavement…from some kind of leak….

I find heart stains in my baking pan while baking a birthday cake for my son……

I find heart stains on the kitchen floor…from someone {me?} being careless with juice….

I also find heart stains within others—those I know well, and those I don’t.  And when I am willing to get still and notice—I feel the heart stains within my own heart.

Stains from wounds, new and old. So painful that they forged a brand–right in the heart.

Stains from unforgettable celebrations and wonderful life moments—so overflowing with love that they can’t help but stain your heart forever.

Stains that I wish I could erase.  Stains I wish I could multiply.

There are stains that others have carelessly dripped on my heart—and one’s I have allowed to leak in.

What do you do with your stains? Allow them to move you forward—or allow them to keep you scrubbing and toiling with ‘bleach’ trying to get the ones you don’t like to go away?  Or worse–allow them to seep down deep and fester?

Or do you take them to the Father—-the only one that knows what to do with them?

Me? I often toil. And then I take. {I’ve always been smart like that. :0}

But I do know that I keep moving forward—focusing on those incredible heart stains that keep this fragile organ renewed and strong. Trying to lay down the bleach for the others.

How do you handle your stains?

With a stained heart~

Today I am thankful for:

~ a wonderful weekend with my family at the beach

~ stains–the wonderful and the ugly

~ a fresh start to a new week

~ hearts–found everywhere

~ autumn colors

~ snuggly blankets to cuddle under

~ sunsets over the water…with a rainbow

Multitudes on Mondays


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