Kicking Off 31 Days…Literally!

We’re kicking off 31 Days of Autumn Inspiration in the stadium! Any college football fans out there?  Well we have a daughter that is a college football NUT! especially for the East Carolina University Pirates. So, even though it may not be at the top of our list—-it has become a priority in our home during the fall.  We go to a game, tailgate, and really have a blast.  When we don’t go to the game we watch on TV and Livingroomgate, and really have a blast.  Isn’t that what families do?  Support each others passions—whether it is their’s or not?  Yep, they do!

Today I hope to inspire you to head out and do something that might not be a passion of yours—but is for your spouse or child.  It’ll be fun—I just know it!

So, today we will be tailgating—covered in purple and gold for the ECU Pirates.  We will be be yelling, eating, cheering, eating, waving, eating, ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHing, and eating.  It will be a blast.  Yesterday while picking up some last minute tailgating supplies we discovered these cool gloves {we also found out that it is going to be in the 40’s for this nighttime game—so we needed gloves!}  They are called Spirit Fingerz.  So fun!  My daughter had to have some.  They have little pom poms on the end of each finger. Check them out for your favorite collegiate or NFL team.

Here are some other fun, inspirational ideas for tailgating…we plan to try some for today! {Click on each picture for the source and info!}


Linking up with The Nester, The Inspired Room, and all those other wonderful 31 dayers out there!


9 thoughts on “Kicking Off 31 Days…Literally!

  1. Too funny…I have a pair of “fingers” but in orange & blue for the Gators!! Go UF! I don’t go to games though. I enjoy watching games at home. The “fingers” just make it more fun for me to pull for my favorite team. Luv, luv, luv me some college SEC football!! And I luv the fall because it is football season…among other things.

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