Autumn Inspiration {Day 4} ::: Spontaneous Autumn Fun

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the scheduled activities of the busy autumn season……and so easy to forget how much fun you can have with unscheduled activities. Our family loves unscheduled, spontaneous fun; but you have to be intentional to have it sometimes….especially during autumn.

A few years ago my daughters and I made little strips of paper with fun activities for us to do; and we keep them in a little glass bowl in the kitchen—-ready to be drawn at any time. Some are extremely simple and only take a few minutes; and some are larger activities that might take an afternoon or evening.  You can have fun creating your own list.

This is also fun to do for you and your honey.  You could have a family list, couple list, daughter list, son list; or if you are single you could have fun making a list of things just for you! You could also create seasonal lists.

Here’s some of the things that have been on our daughters’ lists over the years—they have changed over time, as the girls have grown,–make sure your list is age appropriate so it will be fun:

take a deep breath


make up a family cheer


go to a girls’ or women’s

sporting event


start a collection


play hopscotch


try to make each

other laugh


jump rope


make up a silly song


 bake something to share

with neighbors


talk about the day

you were born


teach each other

a dance


do Pilates


give each other

shoulder massages


 make up new names for

each other for a day


 blow bubbles


do each other’s hair


start a new holiday



 look at the clouds and

describe what you see

Here’s how we did it:

Print out your list from the computer onto card stock {or hand write it}

Cut into small strips of paper

Next you can just put into a fun container—or we dyed our’s with tea to make the tags look a bit vintage.

Here’s how we dyed them:

1.  After printing out on card stock we soaked them in brewed tea for at least 30 minutes.

2.  Lay them out on a paper towel to dry.

3.  Drip some coffee onto them if you’d like a little extra vintage look.

4.  Allow to dry—a few hours

5. Place into a fun container and draw one!

We like vintage around here—but if that’s not your thing, have fun printing them onto bright, fun colored card stock.

Whether you choose to do this project or not—-I hope to inspire you today to do something unscheduled and fun with your family this week!


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5 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration {Day 4} ::: Spontaneous Autumn Fun

  1. That’s amazing, I would have never thought of this! I think everyone should do this, people need some spontaneity in their lives~ I’ve also always wondered about an easy way to vintage-dye paper like that. Thanks!

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