Autumn Inspiration {Day 7} ::: Clean Out!

Yep—said I would never do it again.  But here I go.

Tomorrow I will be joining over 50 other families to have a whopping yard sale.

It is going to be the yard sale of the weekend. The year. The century!

We have been cleaning out now for almost 2 weeks and we have over 3 car loads {we drive large cars/SUVs} full of stuff.  I am so excited to be cleaning out big time.  Once this goes—I feel like it’s a fresh start.  Less clutter. FREEDOM! *break out into song*

Two years ago when we had our last yard sale—our hot water heater {located upstairs, no less} burst and flooded almost our whole home.  The ceilings caved in, light fixtures dangled—it was bad. {Of course this was all the yard sale’s fault–this is why yard sales are traumatic for me.}

Autumn is a wonderful time to settle in and be content with what you have–to enjoy it. Rest in it.  It is also a time that I often realize we have an over-abundance and can simplify. Time to clean out and let someone else be blessed with our overabundance.

Today I hope to inspire you to take inventory—-what needs to stay and what could go?  Autumn is a wonderful time to have a yard sale {and overcome any past traumas, if needed}.  Clean out. Simplify. Make some extra dough to buy heirloom pumpkins.

After the sale I’m headed to Raleigh to Williams-Sonoma. I just need to.

Happy Friday~


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