Autumn Inspiration {Day 10} ::: Persevere

This is not directly related to autumn—but as we prepare for the holidays ahead, preparing to be thankful, preparing to celebrate the birth of a Savior, and begin a year anew it is easy for life to wear us out………….I wanted to share these words of encouragement:

Life Hits Hard….the important thing is to keep getting back up!

I feel that someone out there needs this word of encouragement—and wanted to share the following quick video with you today.

I hope it encourages you.

Persevere: 2 Peter from Covenant Church on Vimeo.


Today I am Thankful for:

~ being able to get back up

~ making it through a yard sale without the water heater exploding

~ a fun day trip with my family

~ a husband that shares his heart

~ seeing my children mature in so many ways right before my very eyes

~ tea {sweet!}

~ piles cleaned out of our home!  Woohoo!  Yippeeeee! Geeee Haaawwwww!

Getting Back Up~

Sharing with:  A Holy Experience “Multitudes on Monday”


Love to hear from you guys.......

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