Autumn Inspiration {Day 13} ::: Heirloom Pumpkins

If you haven’t discovered or used heirloom pumpkins….I hope this post will inspire you to run out and get at least one!

For years I didn’t get pumpkins at all….yep, I was afraid of them.  I’d look at pumpkins and say ‘yuck’.

All because when I was very little {around 4 or 5} a pumpkin ‘rotted’ on our front porch.  The yucky insides went everywhere and the juice was all over the front porch.  It freaked me out! My parents said for months I would not enter the house through the front door.

Isn’t our mind powerful? I’m not sure what upset me so badly about that pumpkin—-

but somewhere in my little mind….pumpkins were to be feared!

I never wanted a pumpkin again…until I was in my twenties.  When I was in graduate school I went out and decorated

my townhouse porch with pumpkins.

My family almost passed out!  They couldn’t believe it. ha!

I now love pumpkins for fall…and heirloom pumpkins have become my favorite.

Beiges, whites, blue-greens, muted greens…..

I love ’em all.

Here’s some of the ones around our home this year:

Our mind can so often buy into a lie—keeping us afraid of things that don’t even exist, keeping us from what is best for us, keeping us from joy! Whether it is something we dreamed up or an actual comment that someone has made to us….lies are powerful. Some that others have shared with me lately that they struggle with:  “You’re not good enough”, “You’re ugly…”, “You don’t measure up”, “You’ll never make it”, “You’re not a good mom”, etc.

No matter how silly or crazy it seems—have you allowed a lie to take up residence in your mind?

If so, how can you speak truth into it?

Reformed Pumpkin Lover~

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3 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration {Day 13} ::: Heirloom Pumpkins

  1. I like that you over came this dislike……you have to find the beauty in all things…I’m trying to come to terms with that in myself…and struggling to keep positive. Gorgeous pumpkins! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love heirloom pumpkins! I found a fakey last night at Michaels 1/2 off! For $5 I’ll definitely take it! …and the stem looks real!

  3. these pumpkins are simply beautiful
    and i have yet to buy a single one
    for carving or just
    decorating our abode

    i’ll have to keep a sharp eye out
    for these when i go looking

    thanks for linking to fridays unfolded!


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