Autumn Inspiration {Day 17} ::: Sparkles…

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  It was a great one for me….the weather was lovely and I accomplished a lot of fun things that I’ve been wanting to do.

Do you have things in your home that make you smile each time you pass by?  One of the things in our home that makes me smile is the Glitter Jar.  I use it for projects and artwork–so it is practical; but I think I would have it our even if I didn’t use it—just because it makes me smile to just see it.

It sits on top of the piano in the middle of our home and I have an antique silver measuring cup inside as a scoop.

Today’s inspiration?  I hope to inspire you to have at least one thing out in your home that makes you smile when you see it.  If it’s in a closet—pull it out and give it a place of honor.

What’s your one thing going to be?


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Happy Monday~





4 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration {Day 17} ::: Sparkles…

  1. I’m dusting and rearranging my china cabinet today….who knows what i’ll find and may get a chance front and center!!

    I found a poster on PINTEREST over the weekend says
    Keep Calm and Sparkle!!

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