Autumn Inspiration {Day 18} ::: I’m Smelly….Tip #2

In case you don’t know by now….I’m a smelly person.

No, not THAT kind of smelly {well, unless I’ve just come in from the garden on a summer day. Or just finished a workout. Or walked outside in this southern humidity. Or……….}  Oh well!

I mean I love wonderful smells—especially smells of the season.  I shared one of my favorite, new autumn candle scents a week or so ago—but today I wanted to share about these wonderful little sachets.  {Lavender-filled sachets and little pillows are my favorite year round—but I have fun changing these sachets out with the seasons.}

I put them in our closets, in chests & trunks, under the seats of our cars, and in any little box, etc. that may hold linens, blankets, and so on…….

I put three in this antique Canada Dry crate that we keep our cozy, fall blankets in.  It’s so fun to pull one out to use it and get a hint of apple cider or mulling spices. {They are not very strong….so the fragrance is subtle.}


Here are some of my other favorite ways to fragrance our home in autumn……

What about you?  Are you smelly?





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