The Rubberband Man….

I have to share this with you….especially since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We homeschool—and last year during science {while I thought my daughter was listening, you know, about protons, neutrons, electrons} I looked over and she had created this precious little creature:  The Rubberband Man

Her grandmother {my mom} had just been diagnosed with breast cancer days earlier—and she made this “Rubberband Man” for her—to remind her that:

God Will Hold You Together

What was on her mind that day was not neutrons and electrons—but a desire to encourage her grandmother in some way.

My mother has kept this little man with her to this day—is never without it.  It was even on the surgical table with her.  The doctors and nurses thought it was the neatest thing they had ever seen—and loved the story behind  it.

It has blessed so many people.  During long hospital stays, when we would visit, my daughter began making these and passing them out {with the little cards attached} to other patients and people that she felt needed encouragement.  Since then she has given them to people in all kinds of situations.  They usually bring tears to the eyes of the receiver….and become treasured items.

I encouraged her to add them to our etsy shop—and people have begun ordering them in multiples–to give away when needed.

If you would like one or two or more….. you can find them here.

Hope you are having a blessed day~


Love to hear from you guys.......

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