The Girl Who Stole My Heart…..

She arrived almost in a flash!

Wide awake and ready to see the world.

From day 1 she liked to be close to her family…

It’s where she was and is happiest.

Her smile can light up a room…..

It blesses all who see it.

Her aim is always at what is important…

She cuts to the heart of things.

And always in for some fun..

If there’s fun to be had, she doesn’t want to miss out!

As long as it includes her family.

She likes to use her music to bless others….

not to perform or draw attention to herself.

The beach speaks to her…and she takes it all in whole heartedly.

I don’t thing there is anyone that can outshine

her dedication to the team.

When she is dedicated to something….

It is with her whole heart.

Always looking for treasure…no matter where she is! {A true Pirate! :)}

Only SHE could find the one loose brick outside the National Archives in Washington DC!

Enjoying the moment and being free to be herself.

What a gift. She is very comfortable with herself…I just love that!

This girl that stole my heart so long ago

has the most incredible servant’s heart ….

she deeply cares for everyone.

And is growing up so fast!

She is a peacemaker

An inventor

An artist

A loyal friend

A God Chaser

A creative thinker

A huge blessing….




she is 14!

So glad you were born, Powderpuff!

Happy Birthday!


2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Stole My Heart…..

  1. Your daughter is glowing goodness and beauty. Your heartful words were a beautiful tribute to a girl who sounds like a gem ! It appears you have done your job as a parent well.

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